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It is the popular Chinese martial arts which teach us techniques to fight with the competitors in an unique style to defend them and it is developed over the centuries in China. There are many Kung Fu films released in China with worldwide releasing and some of the well known characters known in this genre as Jackie Chan, Jet li, Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, Yuen Biao, Michelle Yeoh, Chia Hui Liu and many more. Some of the best films are as Kung Fu Panda Series (great cartoon films), Fist of fury, Kung Fu Hustle, Dragons Forever, Shaolin and many more. You can watch kung fu movies online free on our website in HD and there is no restriction to download free in HD to share with your family and friends.

It is traditional Chinese theories of religion along with legends, customs, and pictographic symbols have been included into Chinese martial arts. It gives us power of self-strengthening, therapeutic exercise, and performance and the first major success of kung fu film was Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery (1928) which you can get it online easily. The making of the earliest martial art films was in Shanghai between the year 1920 to 1930 and later the production of the films moved to Hong Kong. Also one of the earliest studio for this genre is South Sea Film launched in 1930 which later renamed as Shah Brothers Studio.

The most remarkable name under this industry was Wong Fei Hung who made the karate films and died in the year 1924. The first Hung film was produced in 1949 and then, the character has been played by everyone from Gordon Liu, to Sammo Hung. Wong Fei Hung was known as legendary folk hero due to his successful hits of Cantonese films. The character was also played by Jackie Chan in the Drunken Master series as well as by Jet Li in the six Once Upon a Time in China films.

There are many more hit films during that time to till today and some names as – 36 Chambers of Shaolin, Five Deadly Venoms, Seven Soldiers of Kung Fu, Flying Guillotine, Brave Archer, comedic re-visitations of old wuxia stories and many more. Not only kung fu technique but, a great story which touches the heart of the audiences lies in the movie makes it popular. With the use of technology, you can watch more better quality of films on this genre and all the movies are available there on our website for free in HD. Just log on and enjoy right now.