Beet the Competition with These Extra Touches

Competition is tough no matter what line of work you are in. Everyone is fighting for the customer’s dollar, and there may be several others in your area offering a product or service similar to yours. This is why it is important to make the customer feel welcome and comfortable. The little details that make their shopping experience the best it can be may make the difference between them returning to you or seeking out your competitor.


You won’t be able to get the customers through your front door if you don’t have adequate parking. A parking lot right in front of your business is ideal, but if space is limited, you can still offer your own parking by utilizing parking solutions from companies like Unitronics. Otherwise, you will want to rent or buy a location that is close to public parking like city garages or street spaces.

The Entrance

The entrance into your business should be clean and inviting. Make sure that employees wipe windows and sweep floors in this area daily. A desk right where the customer first walks in is perfect, but if this isn’t possible, hire a greeter to welcome each potential client into the business. Have your most popular products or information about your services on display near the entrance to encourage people to come in and ask questions.

Extra Comforts

It never hurts to go that extra mile and truly make your customers feel welcome. This can be done by offering drinks like coffee or bottled water along with simple snacks to all that enter. Set the table up towards the back of the store to encourage people to come all the way in. It may even cause them to spend additional time inside where they can learn more about what you have to offer.

Once these practices are in place, you will find that customers will respond in a positive way. You’ll increase the number of return patrons as well as generate a buzz about your business. Life is busy and lacks the personal touch these days. If you can connect with your clientele by making them feel welcome and comfortable, you’ll have a definite edge over your competition.